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NFL Announces Surprising Choices for Pro Bowl Captains

by Jonathan Howard
NFL logo on field
(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

This year the NFL Pro Bowl will be a little different, and the league has picked a couple of interesting captains for the game. This year’s Pro Bowl is going to be completely different from years past. It will truly be more of an All-Star weekend-type vibe.

With eight skills competitions in addition to a flag football game, fans can expect a new product this year. There has been an issue with making the game competitive. Making sure that players play hard, but remain uninjured.

To add to the uniqueness, there are two Pro Bowl captains fans will have mixed feelings about. Snoop Dogg and Pete Davidson will be on opposing sides of one another, according to TMZ. They are going to be helping guide the two teams along with coaches Peyton and Eli Manning.

It looks like the NFL wants to get some comedy and entertainment into the mix. This is kinda like letting celebrities be the coach or team captain during the NBA All-Star Game. Davidson and Snoop should make things unpredictable for sure.

Pete is going to be repping for the NFC and Uncle Snoop is going to be at the head of the AFC. The Pro Bowl festivities are taking place in Las Vegas.

If these two get involved at all in the athletic competitions, I know who I’m putting my money on. Even at 51 years old, I’ll take the man from the LBC.

Pro Bowl Competitions Will Range From Fun to Serious

The thing about the Pro Bowl competitions is that they are a mix of fun and serious athletic confrontation. The flag football game should really be the best part of it all. These players can actually put together a hard effort without worrying about contact.

Players will compete in dodgeball, precision passing, longest golf drive, best catch, gridiron gauntlet race, kick-tac-toe, move the chains, and a 3-part “Lightning Round.” These contests will test their strength, speed, skill, and more.

There need to be more competitions like this. There are a ton of games during the season. Let’s see how these guys do when they can showcase their athleticism without worrying about being leveled by a linebacker.

Are you excited about the Pro Bowl, Outsiders? Or is it just something that has lost its excitement over the years?