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NFL Fans Are Stunned Learning There’s a Chip in the Football Despite Questionable Calls

by Jonathan Howard
NFL football sits on field
(Photo by Steven King/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

With all of the advanced stats and things out there, you wonder how much tech is used in today’s NFL, but fans were shocked to learn about a chip in the football. Yeah. Like a microchip. It helps keep track of certain stats, but fans have questions.

First of all, how long has the NFL had a chip in the footballs? Well, it ins’t exactly a new thing. This is something that the league implemented starting in 2017. The chip helps statisticians collect things like the speed of the ball carrier, how close the ball got to the first down or end zone, and more.

So, why can’t the NFL just use these chips to spot the football after every play? Well, they have a margin of error. Hence why the NFL still uses the sticks and chains that they’ve used since forever.

According to the NFL’s Next Gen Stats, the football was within 0.6 yards of the end zone when Tyler Huntley fumbled. Of course, that fumble led to a 98-yard fumble return for a touchdown which gave the Bengals the lead and ultimately, the victory. Quite a swing in a 17-17 tie game.

Even former NFL players like Pat McAfee had no idea. I wouldn’t be shocked if there were active players that had no idea about the football chips.

NFL Fans Can’t Believe Footballs Have Chips

It does sound like something out of an “Inspector Gadget” episode. A chip inside the football? Forreal? While it is ultimately there to collect data, some people couldn’t help but think it has some kind of malicious purpose.

People were asking all kinds of questions.

A lot of fans shared this same thought. If the NFL has a chip in the football then surely we can start to automate some of these decisions that seem to be messed up by human error. However, it isn’t so easy.

That chip can tell how close the ball gets to the end zone, but it has no idea when the ball carrier is down. A pretty important thing to know when you’re placing the ball.

While the NFL has chips in the football now, it has a long way to go before we can thin kof automation. Even with technology, there is still room for error. It never hurts to get a set of human eyes on something to make sure it is done the right way.