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NFL Fans Blast Tony Romo as ‘Biased’ During Bills-Dolphins AFC Wild Card Game

by Suzanne Halliburton
tony romo called playoff between bills dolphins
Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

Tony Romo is one of the top analysts in the NFL TV game, but some fans took exception to the former Cowboy quarterback’s neutrality when calling Sunday’s games.

Then again, others believed Romo was trying to be so neutral that he ended up being wishy washy. Guess it all depends on which team you were cheering for or whether you cared who won.

Maybe the Buffalo fans were feeling uncomfortable as the Bills-Dolphins game turned too close for comfort. Romo always is upbeat. And sometimes he gets too hyped while calling a game. That’s part of his charm, right? (Personal preference, Romo could tone it down a notch because his voice can shatter glass).

But fans started tweeting about Romo, as Buffalo led 34-31 late in the game. One fan tweeted “Tony Romo is so biased.”

Then there was this tweet from podcaster Joe Osborne. He wrote “Romo’s announcing incredibly one-sided in this game?

And this probably was in reference to Romo’s adoration of Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen. Romo loves quarterbacks and he often gets super excited when he talks about the guys who play his old position. When the season hits the playoffs, Romo then kicks the excitement level to another sky-high level.

“Tony Romo REALLY wants the Bills to win,” one NFL fan wrote. “I get being a little biased. We all have biases, but Romo isn’t even TRYING to hide it.”

Then again, Romo also recognized Miami was down to rookie Skylar Thompson, the Dolphins’ third-string quarterback. The fact Miami was competitive Sunday was a terrific development.

Buffalo ended up winning the game to head to the divisional round. They’ll play either Jacksonville or Cincinnati. Given how Tony Romo can be such a quarterback cheerleader, the upcoming game might be too much for some fans. Can you imagine Josh Allen playing either Trevor Lawrence or Joe Burrow? Romo could end up screeching.