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NFL Fans Demand Rule Change After Cowboys RB Tony Pollard Goes Down With Injury

by Jonathan Howard
Tony Pollard tackled injuring his ankle
(Photo by Bob Kupbens/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Before the first half came to a close, Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard got injured. It was a play some fans are calling dirty. Not only that, they want to see a rule put in place to protect players from such tackles in the future.

Basically, Tony Pollard was tackled from behind and had his ankle rolled up on. Kinda like the Patrick Mahomes injury that we saw last night. It’s a nasty little tackle that ends with the running back on the ground in pain.

Fans want players to be penalized if they tackle a player from behind and then drop their weight on them in the way that happened with Pollard. Some even said that it was purposeful, and people who have played football before know it is.

I really hated to see Tony Pollard in pain like this, though.

The Dallas Cowboys will ask themselves “what if?” What if Pollard wasn’t injured early on? What if they could establish a run game to speak of? That’s all going to be in the minds of fans and maybe some players after this tough loss.

“Big loss for Dallas today and going forward,” one fan said in reply to the injury.

Fans Wish Tony Pollard Tackle Was Illegal

All Tony Pollard did was his job. He was running the ball. He was tackled and had his ankle dropped on by a defensive player. That’s never good. The fans watching at home were hurting watching their running back on the ground.

It also spelled D-O-O-M for the rest of the game.

“This s**t broke my heart,” a fan on Twitter said. “Because I knew we would struggle after.”

After the game was over, fans were still upset. This was a major pivot in momentum. It just felt like they weren’t going to be able to rush the ball after this. They want this to be illegal moving forward.

“I think that tackle on Pollard should be illegal,” a fan noted. “Too many times we’ve seen legs get wrapped up and hurt.”

So, what is the answer here? When these tackles happen, can there be enforcement? A horse collar tackle is a little different. You have to grab that collar and pull down. This can happen randomly if you’re tackling from behind.

Before next season begins, will we see a response from the NFL on these tackles?