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NFL Fans Roast Trey Wingo After Premature Tweet Announcing Aaron Rodgers to the Jets

by Dustin Schutte
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(Photo by Aubrey Lao /Getty Images)

Well, that backfired. Former ESPN analyst Trey Wingo seemed to incorrectly “report” that the New York Jets and quarterback Aaron Rodgers were nearing a deal. But’s Ian Rapoport shot that rumor down, and now fans are ripping Wingo for the false claim.

Monday, Wingo tweeted, “Hearing Rodgers to the Jets is done. History about to repeat itself between New York and Green Bay. Time is indeed a flat circle.”

Shortly after that tweet, Rapoport denied the claims. His response, “I wish it did. I wish something had happened. But nothing has happened.”

Because of the mystery surrounding Rodgers — coupled with the desperation of Jets fans — a lot of flak was thrown Wingo’s way for the report.

One NFL fan chimed in, “I’m hearing my boss will double my salary and give me a week of PTO. Hell yeah.” Another wrote, “I’m sorry Trey but when did you start breaking news on Aaron Rodgers moves?”

A third Twitter user wrote, “Refuted from Rapoport and Schefter.”

So, as badly as everyone wants the Rodgers saga to end, it doesn’t seem like it will just yet.

Aaron Rodgers (Kind of) Puts Timetable on Decision

Some NFL fans love the offseason drama involving Aaron Rodgers. Others just want the four-time league MVP to make up his damn mind.

At an RX Flag Football Charity Event in Laguna Beach, California, former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall asked Rodgers about when a decision might come. The quarterback offered some insight.

“Well, I think it won’t be long. There’s a time limit for all this,” Rodgers said.

And regarding interest with the New York Jets? Rodgers didn’t provide much insight there, either.

“It’s always interesting meeting important figures in the sport. It’s always interesting. That’s all I’m giving you.”

Thanks for the information, Aaron. We truly appreciate it.