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NFL Fans Are Officially Sick of Tony Romo in the CBS Broadcast Booth

by Nick Kosko
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

NFL fans became sick of Tony Romo in the CBS broadcast booth after the Bengals-Bills playoff game.

Romo was once considered a top color analyst for NFL broadcasts but took a quick turn this season. In fact, it was a complete 180-degree turn based on the reaction from social media.

The folks at Awful Announcing took notice as fans turned on Romo while watching the game on CBS.

“Romo’s thoughtful analysis has been replaced by a lot of platitudes and very obvious statements that don’t add much to what we’re all watching,” Sean Keeley wrote. “He’s also incorporated a lot of grunting and other noises into his repertoire. (There) were plenty of those on display Sunday. 

“Not to mention that, more than once, Romo said out loud that he wasn’t actually sure what had happened during a play. (That is the) last thing you ever want to hear an announcer admit.”

Not only were fans sick of Romo, but CBS play-by-play man Jim Nantz showed signs of weariness during the game.

Perhaps fans are sick of the Cowboys, or Romo, or both. The Cowboys were eliminated from the postseason, but Romo will return for the AFC Championship when CBS broadcasts the Chiefs-Bengals game Sunday.

Romo was inserted as the No. 1 color analyst when he was hired by CBS and replaced Phil Simms, Nantz’s long-time partner. At first, Romo had a great presence when he was hired.

It was evident when he predicted plays before they happened.

Fans were definitely sick of Romo when he integrated other sports into an NFL broadcast. Who would’ve thought that was possible?

Fans are sick of Tony Romo

“At one point, Romo refers to the play clock as the ‘shot clock,’ which is not a thing in football,” Keeley wrote. “NFL audiences who have been dealing with Romo’s declining game-calling skills all season. (They) seemed to have finally had enough on Sunday.”

One of the best calls of the day, best being a loose term, was when Romo could not describe a fumble.

“It looks like it might have been moving forward but it also looks like a fumble,” Romo said. “I don’t know.”

Yeah, we would be sick of Romo calling the NFL action as well. That’s quite the statement. Big if true, as the kids say.

Anyway, NFL fans have to deal with Romo next week but that’s it for the season. FOX has the broadcast rights to the Super Bowl this season.

Now fans don’t have to be sick of the former Cowboys quarterback.