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NFL Insider: Odell Beckham Would Love to Play for This NFL Team

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

One NFL insider views one perfect team for Odell Beckham Jr. Call it a star for a star.

Yes, that was ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler predicting Friday morning that the Cowboys would be the best landing spot for OBJ. He’s been out of the league since last year’s Super Bowl. And Fowler believes Dallas will sign Odell Beckham to make up for trading Amari Cooper from a year ago.

“I’m going to go Cowboys because they can make that Amari Cooper trade right once and for all,” Fowler said. “They traded Cooper last year for a fifth-round pick and they desperately needed that help all year. Michael Gallup was coming off an ACL, he wasn’t quite ready.

“So this is a chance to make things right. Odell Beckham would love to play in Dallas. By all indications, it’s a perfect personality fit for him. He’s a massive star. Cowboys are America’s team with a star. It makes too much sense.”

Odell Beckham Is Working Out Friday to Show Teams His Knee Is Fine

OBJ is an NFL star, excelling for the Giants, Browns and Rams. But he hasn’t played since he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in February, 2022. He was out of football all of last fall. And he turned 30 last November without a team. Several teams, including the Cowboys, Giants and Bills, thought about signing him for a playoff run. But it was never clear that his knee was healthy enough.

Odell Beckham is working out today in Arizona. Any team that is interested can attend. The Cowboys aren’t sending anyone, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Their Cowboys reporter, Clarence Hill, tweeted:

“The Cowboys did not send anyone to Odell Beckham Jr’s workout in Phoenix. But that doesn’t reflect a lack of interest. They are comfortable with the player. Jerry Jones was wowed by his momma. It will come down to finances and there are other teams in the mix.”

Meanwhile, Calvin Watkins, a reporter for the Dallas Morning News, posted that the team “is comfortable signing Beckham if the money and health is right.”

Watkins added that the team has done “due diligence on him. Everything they’ve heard has been positive.”

The Cowboys would love another receiving option as the offense goes through some changes. Head coach Mike McCarthy will call plays after letting go of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Meanwhile, McCarthy promoted analyst Brian Schottenheimer to OC.