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NFL Player’s Mom, TV Analyst Get into Ugly War of Words

by Suzanne Halliburton
emmanuel acho annie apple get in twitter spat over chargers
Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Annie Apple, the mother of Bengals cornerback Eli Apple, clapped back at Fox Sports personality Emmanuel Acho for his endless trolling of Justin Herbert and the Chargers.

Although her son is a Bengal, on Saturday night, she was a mama bear, defending NFL players from the TV analysts who criticize them.

We’ll tell you how it started, the reaction, and how it’s going now. You shouldn’t miss Acho, dressed in a gray, fuzzy bathrobe, and the video he released Sunday morning to try and clarify his Herbert comments. It’s can’t miss Sunday social media.

So about last night and how it started. Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers blew a 27-point lead Saturday night in a road loss to Jacksonville. To say that the loss was painful was an understatement.

Enter Manny Acho, who maintains an active Twitter account when he’s not on the air. He posts about the Chargers all the time. In fact, one of his tweets from Saturday included this gem: “Chargers fans y’all better pray… and I mean PRAY y’all win. Because I will get my vengeance.”

He then posted a photo of himself holding a Chargers/Justin Herbert jersey. Except rather than Herbert’s name, it said “social media QB.” He captioned the photo “The Chargers will always charger.”

Acho grew up in Dallas and played for the Texas Longhorns. He lives in Los Angeles now, but it’s still unclear why he picks on the Chargers.

This is where Annie Apple stepped in. Her son’s team plays Sunday night, so she had Saturday free to watch the playoff openers. She quote tweeted Acho and added “Trolling a player immediately after a devastating loss is so tacky as a so-called media guy. Herbert would like to see your stats from the three quarters you played in the league. Do better.”

Emmanuel Acho then tweeted back at Annie Apple with an old post from her son, Eli.

“With the utmost respect, you should know a thing or two about having fun on social media,” Acho said. “After all, the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Annie wasn’t finished. Eli’s mom snapped a screenshot of Acho’s career pro stats. She added: “You’re (a) so called media guy who did shit in the league constantly trashing Herbert & other guys doing more than your bum ass ever dreamed. Then you’re bringing up my son. I’m sure your mom is proud you’ve carved out a niche being racists favorite negro tho. Congrats? What a Clown.”

Then with all the pushback from Annie Apple, Emmanuel Acho wanted to clarify what he said. He did so Sunday morning. While wearing his bath robe, Acho took a video as he explained what he meant about Justin Herbert. First, he told fans he “never meant to be offensive.”

“If you watch the original clip of me saying Justin Herbert is a social media quarterback, it was to highlight the discrepancy Justin Herbert gets on social media and the reality of the performance on the field and how it does not often times translate into wins. Calling someone a social media quarterback does not mean they’re bad. I actually think Justin Herbert is a good quarterback. I have only ever said that he’s over praised, and I have said he is overrated, but I’ve never said that he is a bad quarterback.”

So in other words, Emmanuel Acho doesn’t want to read any more tweets from Annie Apple.