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NFL reveals top-selling jerseys of April 2023

by Suzanne Halliburton
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John McCoy/Getty Images

NFL fans like something new to wear, so the April draft usually injects new names and numbers into the marketplace. But surprisingly, the people want to celebrate the OG (old guy) quarterback.

Yes, the top-selling jersey from April is the one Aaron Rodgers will wear with the New York Jets. NFL fans had 18 years to buy Rodgers’ infamous No. 12 jersey with the Packers. Now, these same fans are buying up Rodgers’ new No. 8 with the Jets. The Packers and Jets finished the trade in the days before the NFL Draft. So in a way, the draft made Rodgers a new NFL jersey commodity.

Aaron Rodgers’ new No. 8 jersey was the top-selling one in the NFL for April. (Elsa/Getty Images)

So what are the hot-selling NFL jerseys? At No. 2, we’re sticking with green. It’s Philadelphia’s Jalen Hurts, who recently signed the biggest contract in NFL history (until another quarterback surpassed him). Hurts, who wears No. 1, led the Eagles to the Super Bowl and had them in position to win. But for the sake of Eagles fans’ mental well-being, we won’t mention anymore.

Patrick Mahomes‘ jersey ranked No. 3 in April. Everybody wants to be like the two-time Super Bowl MVP and wear his No. 15. Mahomes is a social gadfly these days. He and his wife, Brittany, made appearances at the Met Gala, the Kentucky Derby and the Miami Grand Prix, all in the same week earlier this month.

And for No. 4 on the NFL jersey list, we’ve got a new name combo. The Ravens signed receiver Odell Beckham Jr. His purple Baltimore No. 3 jersey also offered a new revenue stream.

Bills Mafia love wearing the NFL jersey of Josh Allen. (Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

Josh Allen’s No. 17 comes in as the fifth-best seller for April. The Bills drafted Allen a tight end (Dalton Kincaid) in the first round and are hoping Buffalo will reset for the fall.

And who’s that peaking in at No. 6? Why, it’s Travis Kelce, the Chiefs super talented, super rowdy tight end. Maybe new fans fell in love with Kelce when he hosted Saturday Night Live in March and just needed an NFL No. 87 jersey to complete their wardrobe. We’re also seeing more Rodgers impact on the NFL jersey list. Jordan Love, Rodgers’ replacement with the Packers, ranks seventh. For the record, Love wears No. 10.

And at eight, we’ve got another receiver — Justin Jefferson of the Vikings. Of course, fans want to wear the jersey of the guy who catches everything. He led the league with a whopping 128 catches in 2022.

Then at ninth, we’ve got our lone defensive player in the top 10. Take a bow Micah Parsons. Fans don’t care where you line up on the field with the Cowboys. They just want you there. Then at 10, we’ve got the lone rookie cracking the list. All eyes are on you, Bryce Young, the top pick of the draft and probably the new starting quarterback of the Panthers.

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