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NFL analyst slams league over ‘historic level’ of unfairness in 2023 schedule

by Matt Connolly
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The complete NFL schedule for the 2023 season was released last week and some feel that it’s unfair.

NFL analyst Warren Sharp went as far as to say that the schedule is unfair at a “historic level.” Sharp explained in a series of tweets.

“It’s not just who you play, the NFL doesn’t control that. It’s when you play them. The NFL has 100 percent control of that. They set their schedule,” Sharp said on Twitter. “Unfortunately, I found the 2023 schedule is less fair and equitable at a historic level in many areas.”

According to Sharp, in 2023, there will be 95 games played where a team has more rest than their opponent. That number marks the most in NFL history, Sharp says.

Also this season, the most total positive rest edge is 17 days, according to Sharp. That is the most days in at least 35 years.

There will reportedly be eight teams playing five or more games with a rest disadvantage. That number was at two last year.

Sharp also points out that the New York Jets, Chicago Bears and Washington Commanders have the best net rest edge at plus-12 games. The San Francisco 49ers have the worst schedule as far as rest at minus-20.

As Sharp points out, the Jets went from worst to first in net rest edge. He believes that may be in part to New York landing Aaron Rodgers.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Kansas City Chiefs play six straight games with a rest disadvantage. From Week 12 through Week 17, every game the Chiefs play is at a rest disadvantage. For the year, the Chiefs are at minus-13.

Sharp also points out that the Raiders get to play six teams coming off games on Monday Night Football. The Bears don’t play a single game with a rest disadvantage. And the Falcons get zero games with a rest edge.

Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson calls out NFL over schedule

Sharp isn’t the only one who pointed out that the schedule is unfair.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers will be the only two teams in the NFL playing two Thursday night games.

Players have vocalized their frustration with Thursday night games in the past, and adding an extra one to two of the league’s teams also came with some pushback. Steelers’ newly signed veteran corner Patrick Peterson pushed right back, letting out his frustration about Pittsburgh’s upcoming schedule on the ‘All Things Covered’ podcast.

“First of all, I thought it was a rumor when they said teams would be eligible for two Thursday Night Football games,” Peterson said. “My goodness, bro. They are like five weeks apart. It’s tough enough getting up for the first Thursday night game.”

Thursday night games mean fewer days between games for players, which means less rest and recovery for their bodies. The health and safety of all players is a top priority of the NFL, but numerous Thursday night matchups could potentially put that that at a greater risk, especially for older, veteran players like Peterson.

“I get it; they want to find ways to get ball on TV. But you have to think about our bodies, man, especially with me being in year 13. My body don’t recover like it used to. To have two Thursday Night Football games is a bit bizarre,” Peterson said.