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NFL World in Shock After Terrifying Damar Hamlin Injury During Bills-Bengals Game

by Joe Rutland
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(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

The NFL world is currently in a state of shock after Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field. Hamlin had just finished making a tackle when he got up and then collapsed. Fans and NFL players alike posted about their concern for Hamlin.

“Prayers for Damar Hamlin, his family and team,” one fan wrote.

“I couldn’t even imagine being out on that field watching them give CPR… my heart goes out to Damar Hamlin and those players and family,” another tweeted. The game was temporarily suspended in the first quarter with the home team Cincinnati Bengals leading the Bills 7-3. Later on, the NFL postponed the game. Fans were leaving the stadium.

NFL Players, Fans, Reporters Share Their Thoughts After On-Field Incident

Robert Griffin III sent out this tweet: “Please don’t share the video of the Damar Hamlin play. Share this because we are all Praying for him and his family.”

Another fan shared a photo of Hamlin with a child on a toy drive. “In 2020, at the end of his final year at Pitt, Damar Hamlin organized a toy drive for kids in his hometown of McKees Rocks, Pa. This is the young man who went down on the field tonight in Cincinnati. He is a man; not a number on a jersey. Prayers for Damar.”

Bengals beat reporter Kelsey Conway tweeted out a photo of Tee Higgins, who plays for Cincinnati, and his mom together. Conway wrote, “Just stood with Tee Higgins’ mom who is now walking out with Tee who has his arm wrapped around her. Tee was the one who collided with Damar Hamlin before he collapsed”.

Before the game was postponed, many were making their feelings heard about the situation. One of those was Kyler Murray, quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. “Prayers up for Damar Hamlin and his family. This game should’ve been called, nobody is concerned about football right now…” Murray wrote.

This fan offered some additional thoughts about Hamlin the person as well as the player. “Damar Hamlin is a local kid from across the bridge who stayed in town to play college ball and firmly believed in community and giving back. He is a real one. A good one. A yinzer to the core. All my prayers for him, his family, and the whole Bills community.”

Another fan responded to how the Bills and Bengals’ head coaches handled the situation on the field. “Kudos to Sean McDermott and Zac Taylor for putting the needs of their players first, above football, faster than the NFL could. That’s what good coaches do. Prayers for Damar Hamlin”.