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NFL World Reacts to What Nick Saban Said to Brock Purdy

by Jonathan Howard
Nick Saban coaches Alabama
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The college recruiting business can be hard. Nick Saban doesn’t lie to players. But he might have got Brock Purdy all wrong. You can’t really blame Saban, there were more than a few coaches that passed on Purdy back in his high school days before he was the NFL‘s Mr. Irrelevant.

If it hadn’t been for Iowa State, who knows where Brock Purdy ends up? Who knows if he makes it to the NFL and then leads the San Francisco 49ers to multiple wins as a backup rookie QB…

Now, Purdy was good enough to go to Division 1. He also was good enough to get a visit at Alabama. There, Saban let him know how he truly felt about his game.

“You’re below average in height. Your arm strength is whatever. Your accuracy is average,” Saban said. Fans are going wild over it.

Now I have to think that Nick Saban was just trying to be honest with the quarterback. Maybe he thought this was a guy that needed some tough love or a reality check. We will never really know. The point is, he was pretty much wrong about this.

“Saban down so bad man,” one fan replied. “No wonder he’s contemplating retirement after this upcoming season.”

There were others who thought that the comments reflected poorly on the ball coach. Then again, maybe it was Saban’s master plan.

“Saban told him everything he need to hear to get to this point in his career,” another fan said.

I’m sure there are no hard feelings though.

Brock Purdy Prepares for Dallas

We have seen Brock Purdy play pretty well since taking over as the quarterback. However, the young Niners quarterback will have to face his toughest challenge yet. San Francisco likely has the best offense in the league between their receiving core and Christian McCaffrey.

A 10-game win streak also has this team feeling like they are the one to beat this postseason. The thing is, you gotta get it done. So far, so good. But Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are also pretty good in their own right. If they can make their kicks…

The last time the 49ers and Brock Purdy scored less than 37 points was back on December 15. That game was a 21-13 win over Seattle. Will Dallas be able to hold them to just a few scores, or will this offense find its groove and march into the NFC Championship game.