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NHL Team Strikes Gold, Dives Into Aaron Rodgers Trade Drama

by Chandler Vessels
One NFL team delivered a Twitter gem following the Aaron Rodgers news on Wednesday
Stacy Revere/Getty Images

It is now a forgone conclusion that Aaron Rodgers will play for the Jets next season. The four-time MVP appeared on The Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday, where he announced his intentions to play for New York in 2023.

That news led to a gem from the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets on Twitter, who turned the announcement into quality comedy. The team photoshopped the quarterback into a hockey jersey, posting the photo with the caption “confirming Aaron Rodgers’ report.”

The idea of Rodgers playing hockey is pretty strange to imagine, though it should be noted he wasn’t always sure he would play football professionally. Rodgers did not receive any Division I offers for football coming out of high school, revealing in a 2010 interview that he nearly decided to play baseball instead. He also considered giving up sports entirely to be a lawyer.

Ultimately, Rodgers couldn’t quit football. He went on to play one year at Butte Community College, later earning a scholarship at California. The rest is history from there, as he enjoyed success both in college and the NFL the past 18 years with the Packers.

Rodgers delivered a Super Bowl to Green Bay in 2011 and is the franchise’s all-time leader with 475 passing touchdowns. It seems his time with the team has some to an end, but he’ll always hold a special place with the Packers.

More on Aaron Rodgers’ Intention to Join the Jets

Rodgers previously stated that he went into his darkness retreat leaning “90% retired.” However, after meditating on the matter, he told McAfee he decided he has more left in the tank.

With Aaron Rodgers on the way out, the Packers will turn to Jordan Love, their first-round draft pick in 2020. The bad blood between Green Bay and Rodgers started boiling when the Packers selected Love out of Utah State.

Meanwhile, the Jets viewed themselves just a quarterback away from a playoff surge. Zach Wilson was supposed to be that guy. New York selected him with the second pick in the 2021 draft. But he lost his starting job this season. The Jets have indicated their plans to keep Wilson on the team in hopes he could learn from a new starter. Mike White, another Jets quarterback, is signing with the Miami Dolphins.

Outsider’s Suzanne Halliburton contributed to this report.