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Package Deal in the Works for Aaron Rodgers Says Jets Star

by Suzanne Halliburton
sauce gardner
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Sauce Gardner is going all in on Aaron Rodgers becoming his new teammate on the Jets. The NFL defensive rookie of the year burned his Cheesehead hat while predicting a big “package deal” with a potential trade.

Gardner is a chatty cornerback with an over-the-top football personality. And this off-season, he’s hyped all the talk about Aaron Rodgers leaving the Packers, his team of 18 years, and heading east.

The cornerback, via his livestream, told fans “it’s package deals all over. I can’t tell y’all who, but just know.” Jets teammates Breece Hall and Garrett Wilson joined him.

Then all three of these very young but talented Jets burned Garder’s cheesehead. He first wore it last fall, when New York beat the Packers, 27-10. It’s a Friday, so it’s perfectly fine to watch some NFL silliness, all in an attempt to woo a player the Jets way. So give it a watch.

Sauce Gardner Won’t Name Names in Aaron Rodgers ‘Package Deal’

Now, about the “package deal” Sauce Gardner is hyping to shift Aaron Rodgers the Jets way. It should be noted that Rodgers still has two years remaining on his contract. He’s due about $60 million this year. So there will be a trade involved if Rodgers no longer wants to play in Green Bay.

What other players could be involved? It’s difficult to read a general manager’s mind. But folks have come up with a list, based on Rodgers past interviews. The 39-year-old quarterback once told Packers management that in order for him to hang out at Lambeau Field, certain players had to stay on the roster. Those players included tight ends Marcedes Lewis and Robert Tonyan; receivers Randall Cobb and Allen Lazard and offensive tackle David Bakhtiari.  

Sauce Garnder really wants Aaron Rodgers to sign with the Jets. Rodgers was all smiles last October as he shook hands with Jets defensive line coach Aaron Whitecotton. The Packers lost by 17. (Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

All but one of those players Rodgers mentioned are free agents as of next week. Bakhtiari is the only one with a current Packers contract. Bakhtiari and Rodgers are close. Earlier this month, the big tackle went after ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel for mocking Rodgers. Coincidentally, Bakhtiari used the same conspiracy theory Rodgers did to insult Kimmel.

Hopefully, the Rodgers saga ends soon. It’s been dragging on since mid-January. And if you think about it, the situation seems to be an extension from what happened last off season. Teams can start making deals, via trade, next Wednesday. Until then, maybe there will be more entertainment from Sauce Garnder and his Jets crew as they lure Aaron Rodgers to NYC.