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Pat McAfee addresses future of his show after report linking him to ESPN

by Nick Schultz
Pat McAfee
Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

On Monday, Pat McAfee declared “Up to something season” is over as rumors swirl about what’s next for his show. There have been rumors about a potential departure from FanDuel, and the New York Post reported ESPN as the frontrunner Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday’s show, McAfee responded.

“There’s some rumblings about this particular program on the internet right now. … Did we all expect that to start rumbling?” McAfee said on The Pat McAfee Show. “I guess, after I said that yesterday, I kind of asked for it, I guess. I kind of understand the world. ‘Up to something season’s wrapping up,’ and everybody’s gonna be snooping around. … There’s speculatory reports out there. And then, the immediate follow-up from the speculatory reports is, ‘This f—ing guy sold out, going to ruin his show, what’s he doing?’ Like, why is everybody so mad at me right now? What did I do?

“And now, I look at my baby girl, and she pooped, I cleaned her diaper and it was good. So life is good, man. The rumblings, though, let’s remember: Just that. Just rumblings.”

McAfee has been with FanDuel since 2019 after starting his media career with Barstool Sports. The longtime Indianapolis Colts punter and NFL All-Pro has developed quite a following and joined the ESPN College GameDay crew this past season. McAfee said he plans on being back on the GameDay set this coming year, as well.

After the report surfaced about ESPN’s potential interest in McAfee’s program, questions rose about whether it would change the show. He had a strong response to that idea, calling on the rest of the group to explain why that won’t happen.

“Connor, Ty, Tone, Toxic AJ, boys in the back, can we please remind the people that we are too dumb to change? … Can people please have faith that I am too dumb to change, though?” McAfee said. “But I understand that. It’s a part of the conversation now is like, ‘Hey, this isn’t gonna work.’ I’ll be excited to see how people react to the actual news as opposed to potential rumblings of it.”

In 2021, McAfee signed a four-year deal worth $120 million. But reports suggest he could walk away from that deal, and the reporting from the New York Post continues to prove it could be a possibility.

McAfee promised an update on the end of “Up to something season” in the next 10 days. Until then, he’s spending time at home with his daughter.