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Pat McAfee Believes ‘Motherf—ing Hippie’ Aaron Rodgers Could Still Retire Amid QB’s Silence

by Dustin Schutte
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While speculation grows about Aaron Rodgers‘ potential interest in the New York Jets, Pat McAfee isn’t so sure the quarterback will even play in 2023. The popular show host said he believes every possibility is still on the table.

Rodgers has been annoyingly quiet about his future regarding the 2023 NFL season. Following the conclusion of the last season, the four-time league MVP left all options on the table, including retirement.

Though Rodgers is rumored to have interest in joining the Jets, McAfee says he won’t be shocked if the longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback actually steps away from the game.

“What we’re saying is we have no idea either,” McAfee said during his Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday. “Same spot as yesterday. Same spot as Friday. Will an answer come soon? We have no idea. We think, we’d assume with how everything has to kind of go. But that is not necessarily going to come from this particular program, today. We like to let everybody know that.”

McAfee made sure to reiterate that he has no inside information. He was purely providing his opinion of the situation.

“I think he’s a human that could retire,” McAfee said. “And this is not off any information, but it’s the real deal. He’s a guy that could stare down $58 million and retire because he would view it as, like, ‘My happiness is not about money.’

“That’s like legitimately how he goes. So I think in that aspect, if he felt like he was happier without all the stresses of football, I think he would be a person that could turn that down and be completely cool with it and just move along. That’s just from hanging out with him one time in Lake Tahoe and realizing he’s a motherf*cking hippie.”

Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Provides Jets with ‘Wish List’ of Free Agents

Pat McAfee might be right. Considering all the silence on the end of Aaron Rodgers, there’s still a chance he decides to call it a career. It would be the most annoying outcome of this entire saga — so we wouldn’t put it past the QB to make that move.

However, the only problem with McAfee’s theory is that Rodgers recently provided the New York Jets with a “wish list” of free agents to go after, according to a report.

ESPN’s Dianna Russini reported on Tuesday that Rodgers has provided the Jets with a list of free agents he’d like them to sign. That list included three receivers and a tight end.

“Aaron Rodgers has provided the NY Jets with a wish-list of free agents he would like them to target and acquire, per sources,” Russini reported. “It includes Randall Cobb, Allen Lazard, Marcedes Lewis and … Odell Beckham Jr.”

So, it seems like Rodgers has serious interest in pursuing a negotiation with the Jets. But, again, who the hell really knows what’s actually happening?