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Pat McAfee Makes Public Apology to Drew Brees

by Nick Kosko
(Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Pat McAfee made a public apology to former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Brees attempted to talk to McAfee at Super Bowl Radio Row but the former punter and current media sensation apparently did not see Brees.

In a video shown below, Brees was seen trying to get McAfee’s attention while he was talking to members of the PHNX Cardinals Podcast. McAfee appeared to brush off the quarterback’s attempts.

You can be the judge by watching the video but McAfee immediately apologized on Twitter when he was made aware.

McAfee appeared to not even look in Brees’ direction. That meant he either ignored him completely or was completely unaware the future Hall of Famer was right next to him.

Either way, McAfee sent a public apology to Brees.

“Man… I did NOT see @drewbrees,” McAfee wrote on Twitter. “I apologize IMMENSELY.. you’re a legend boss, this is 100% my fault.”

Pat McAfee blasts NFL officiating

McAfee made headlines prior to his apology to Brees.

There were outcries of bad officiating during the Super Bowl, including on one of the final plays.

McAfee went on a massive rant about questionable refs in late January, leading up to the Big Game.

“I do think, though, we have a massive officiating issue,” McAfee said. “I think refs suck. Not all refs, there are some refs that suck and they shouldn’t be in playoff games. Why are they in playoff games, especially when there’s only two games and there’s gonna be 50 million people watching? That’s a great question. We’ve been talking about the officiating stinking for a long time. I got tweets from a lot of Ohio (people) over there in Cincinnati who are die-hard ‘Who Dey’ fans and Bengals fans. 

“‘Why don’t use your platform and why don’t you try to make the NFL better for once? Why don’t you not candy-coat, not dance around it, not be the fake funny guy that you are and why don’t you call out the NFL for officiating?’

“So this morning, I dove through our Twitter account. And we’ve literally been talking about this since 2018. About how full-time refs, optically, would just look much better to everybody. Because you got part-time refs and they’re not full-time refs. There’s a chance they could be swayed by somebody outside the NFL. Since they’re not completely committed to the NFL, there’s a chance that somebody outside to get ahold of them now. I think they get paid well, but what is well? What is the line …

“Off of these games and off these deals and off these advertising deals and sports gambling and everything like that. What is good money in comparison to? You make them full-time, boom, we can eliminate that distraction of potentially getting swayed elsewhere.”

An apology to Brees over a little incident and McAfee roasting officials. At least he can own up to mistakes and be the entertaining voice of reason for the NFL.