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Patriots Insider Casts Serious Doubt on Tom Brady Retiring as a Patriot

by Sam Gillenwater
Tom Brady
Maddie Meyer | Getty Images

With Tom Brady retiring this week, many would like to see him end his career with the franchise he turned into a dynasty in the New England Patriots. People would have seen it as the storybook, ‘ride off into the sunset’ ending for the G.O.A.T. Even so, Tom Curran says don’t hold your breath.

The insider for NBC Sports Boston said during the ‘Jones & Mego’ Show that he doubted Brady would do it. He said Brady wouldn’t have considered a reunion with New England had his playing career continued which, to him, says all you need to know about a potential reunion between both sides following their breakup in 2020.

“A couple of weeks ago, as it was being passed around, I asked, ‘Will Brady come back to the Patriots?’. I said, ‘That wouldn’t happen, right?’. I was told, via text, that would not happen,” said Curran. “He would never go back to the Patriots. Now, would he come back and sign a one-day contract? I would imagine the same thing holds true.”

“The Patriots had multiple years in which Brady all but crawled on his hands and knees to the door of Robert Kraft and said, ‘Please, sign me. I don’t want to move from this house in Chestnut Hill, I don’t want to uproot my family. I want to finish here as a New England Patriot,'” added Curran. “He had no idea what laid over those hills in a place like Tampa Bay…He wanted to stay here. They didn’t let him do it. Do you think he’s going to want to sign now for a photo op? So someone can leverage him after they passed on every opportunity and made him uproot? I don’t.”

In the end, this could be completely off base and both sides could choose to be big enough in order to send Brady off into his retirement from the NFL the right way. If not, though, it only adds more to fuel the fire about just how bad things must have ended in New England for everyone.