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Phillip Rivers Denies Reaching Out to NFL Teams, Says They Reached Out to Him

by Sam Gillenwater
Phillip Rivers
Joe Sargent | Getty Images

Several teams across the NFL are in desperate need of a quarterback. So, with that in mind, would anybody be interested in a 41-year-old Phillip Rivers? It appears so.

Reports had suggested that Rivers was contemplating a comeback. However, the 17-year veteran QB refuted the report that he was interested in doing so or that he or his camp had reached out to San Francisco and Miami. From what he said, the truth is the 49ers and Dolphins reached out to him about coming out of retirement.

“I heard from a couple of teams just kind of checking in,” Phillip Rivers said to “I didn’t contact anyone. And I’m not going anywhere. I think maybe some teams, with some guys going down, may have been just looking for a contingency plan. But nothing came of it.”

“In my mind in the last couple of years, if a team had needed me? I might have had six or eight games left in me. But I’m not going into this fall thinking the same,” he said. “I think it’s done.”

Phillip Rivers retired from the NFL following the 2020 season, which he spent in Indianapolis after 16 years with the Chargers in San Diego and LA. He left the game with the sixth-most passing yards of all time with 63,440 as well as the sixth-most passing touchdowns with 421.

Since then, Rivers has spent time with his nine kids while also taking a role as a high school football coach.

With him being two seasons removed from the sport, it seemed far fetch that Phillip Rivers would really be making a return. Still, considering how many teams are in the race for quarterbacks in free agency and the NFL Draft, it’s interesting to see that some have gone as far as to include him as a Plan B.

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