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Retiree JJ Watt Hits First Hole-in-one on Par 3 Course, Ignites Debate

by Dustin Schutte
jj watt golf
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Just a few months into his retirement, JJ Watt is already stirring up some controversy. Not to worry, though, there’s really nothing serious in nature involving the former three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Well, unless you’re a golfer.

Watt recorded his first-ever hole-in-one recently — an accomplishment that some of us lifelong golfers still don’t have on our resumé. Usually, that’s celebrated with open arms and cold beers. So what’s the problem?

The hole-in-one came on a Par 3 course. It made some wonder if it actually counts — since there are 18 opportunities, opposed to the four-to-five on a traditional course.

“Out here playing with my parents at a Par 3 course,” Watt says in the Instagram video. “Does a hole-in-one count at a Par 3 course? Because I just got my first-ever hole-in-one.”

Watt’s father added that the shot traveled over the water before landing in the cup.

Look, we don’t claim to be the experts on this hole-in-one discussion, but it’s still a pretty impressive accomplishment, even if it’s on a Par 3 course. We’ll go ahead and let the former Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals star take credit for it.

And we won’t be jealous about it at all.

Fans Weigh in on JJ Watt’s Hole-in-One

Those following JJ Watt on Instagram had plenty to say about his hole-in-one, even if it came on a Par 3 course. Most of the responses were in favor of it counting.

“Maaaaan! HELL YES!!!! Meet me at the bar!” wrote Justin Timberlake.

One follower said, “Wouldn’t have counted until pops said it went ‘over the water.’ Now it’s legit.” Another added, “It depends if it was longer than 99 yards. Then, yes.”

Who knew there were so many experts on the matter?