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Rob Gronkowski Sets the Record Straight on Best Tight End Debate With Travis Kelce

by Daniel Morrison
Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce
Kevin C. Cox / Staff PhotoG/Getty

Rob Gronkowski has a ton of respect for Travis Kelce. He even seemed to give up the crown of greatest tight end ever to Kelce during an appearance on NESN’s Ultimate Betting Show.

However, Gronkowski quickly clarified. He didn’t mean that Kelce is the best all-around tight end, as Gronkowski still feels like he fills that role.

“I said receiving tight end,” Rob Gronkowski said. “I’m a complete tight end, baby.”

The debate about which tight end is the best ever is a unique one. The position has rapidly changed over time and there are multiple things that tight ends need to be able to do well. Some are considered blocking tight ends, like an extra lineman. Others are more like big-bodied wide receivers. Meanwhile, others fit somewhere in between those two.

Rob Gronkowski was an elite all-around tight end, known for throwing people out of the club while blocking as much as for his spikes after catching touchdowns. For his part, Travis Kelce is an elite pass-catching threat, especially on crossing routes.

Kelce has passed Gronkowski in just about every receiving stat, though he still trails NFL legends like Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates. He also isn’t nearly as good of a blocker as Gronkowski was in his time.

Rob Gronkowski on His Pre-Draft Visit with New England

Rob Gronkowski is best known for his time with the New England Patriots. There, he won three Super Bowls alongside Tom Brady. However, Gronkowski himself was surprised the Patriots drafted him after he struggled through a pre-draft visit with the team.

“I partied super hard one night, this was one of my mistakes. I partied at University of Arizona one night, got absolutely hammered, had to jump on the flight the next day and start this little tour. So I already put myself in the bag. So I’m going on this tour, no sleep, hungover already, I’m visiting all these teams and then I got to New England and I’m cashed. Like I’m like I don’t even care anymore,” Gronkowski said.

“I was like whatever team takes me, whatever round I go in, whip-de-do; like I’m over this process. Exhausting process, and also I put myself to exhaustion before I even went on the process so it was double exhaustion. So I show up and I’m like I don’t give a flying s–t no more. I go I’m just gonna let it be, I’m gonna let it fly here.”