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WATCH: Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith Has Hilarious Answer to Strange Question

by Sam Gillenwater
QB Geno Smith
Ezra Shaw | Getty Images

In the usual sense in sports, players are supposed to compete on the field while members of the front office are tasked with improving their teams. So, when asked about the Seattle Seahawks roster, QB Geno Smith referred reporters to GM John Schneider.

Smith had a hilarious reaction to the question during his press conference after signing his new deal with the franchise. He said he’s going to focus on his job while letting Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll do theirs.

“I was about to say that’s a question for these guys,” joked Smith. “I’m the player here so I’ve just got to focus on the guys that we do have. Just continue to build those guys up and continue to work as hard as we can to continue to be a great team. I trust these guys to make those decisions.”

Geno Smith is right for not biting the hand that just gave him a new three-year, $105 million deal. All jokes aside, though, he’s going to work toward building off his latest Pro Bowl season while it’s now on Schneider and the front office to build the roster up around him.

Collinsworth Makes Surprise Three Choices for Aaron Rodgers, None of Which are the Jets

Most people would tell you that if Aaron Rodgers is to continue playing football in 2023, it will be with the New York Jets. Cris Collinsworth isn’t one of those people, and the “Sunday Night Football” announcer has another destination(s) in mind for the current Green Bay Packers quarterback.

Though the 39-year-old met with the Jets this week, Collinsworth believes he should be looking at teams in the NFC South — the same way Tom Brady did, when he departed from the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020.

“I think that, like Tom Brady, you pick your spot,” Cris Collinsworth told NFL podcaster Kay Adams. “Tom Brady went into it and he knew if he were in the [NFC] South, that he could come out, probably had to beat the New Orleans Saints in the process in order to be able to get in the playoffs and move on. He did that. He was in the playoffs a couple years. Won one Super Bowl. 

“If I was his agent, if I were whatever, I would say where are you going to win the Super Bowl? I mean, the only thing that’s not on the resume is that second Super Bowl. So you pick where you think that is, and believe me, I’ll go make a deal,” said Cris Collinsworth. “And right now, the NFC South is still about the same way that it was before. You go in there, you have to beat Derek Carr. And there are some teams that are looking for quarterbacks there right now.”