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Shannon Sharpe Disses Dak Prescott in Prediction of 49ers-Cowboys Divisional Playoff Game

by Suzanne Halliburton
cowboys quarterback dak prescott was all smiles after playoff win over Bucs
Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Shannon Sharpe offered a detailed reason why he was predicting that the 49ers would beat the Cowboys at home. But surely he didn’t mean that Dak Prescott was only slightly better than Brock Purdy.

There’s nothing wrong with predicting a final score of 23-20. That’s slightly closer than the oddsmakers believe the game will be. Most predict a spread of 3.5 points. But here’s where Shannon Sharpe got weird about the Cowboys and Prescott. It’s all about the slight.

“I’ll give a slight edge to Dak at the quarterback position,” Sharpe told Undisputed co-host Skip Bayless, who then asked incredulously “slight?”

The show’s social media team shared a video of the prediction. Give it a listen. And notice that Shannon Sharpe on multiple occasions suggested that the experienced Cowboys quarterback only got the slight nod over Purdy, the rookie, in the NFL Divisional Playoff game.

Here’s the entire exchange as Sharpe says he’s going with the “49ers in a very close ball game.”

The former NFL tight end said “both teams have very good offenses, very good defenses. I’ll give a slight edge to Dak at the quarterback position. (then Bayless interrupts.)

“Slight edge, I don’t think (Prescott will) play as well on Sunday as he played on Monday night. And I think the 49ers skill position players are a little better when you do the totality of Deebo (Samuel), (Brandon) Aiyuk, (Jauan) Jennings, (George) Kittle, (Christian) McCaffrey, I think that group is a little better than the Cowboys group. The offensive lines are a push, I think the defenses are a push.”

And Shannon Sharpe continued his Cowboys versus 49ers analysis:

“Both have outstanding young players. You look at Fred Warner who is a little older player but he’s still in his prime. Look at (Trevon) Diggs and (Nick) Bosa, I think the defenses are probably a push. You give the slight edge to Dak at quarterback at the position although Purdy the last five or six games has played better than Dak in the totality. But I do think Dak, given his body of work, is a little better at quarterback.”

In Shannon Sharpe’s analysis of Cowboys and 49ers match up, he gives a slight edge to Dak Prescott over rookie Brock Purdy. He’s seen here after winning his first-ever playoff game. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Then you hear Skip sigh again as Sharpe continues. This time, he brings up the connection between 49er coach Kyle Shanahan and Dallas defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

“I like the matchup Kyle Shanahan-Dan Quinn. Kyle was the offensive coordinator under Dan Quinn at Atlanta. They did have some success. They did go to the Super Bowl … Kyle knows Dan Quinn. Dan Quinn knows Kyle, so it’s going to come down on that particular day, who can come up with the one play, the one defense or the one offensive set the other party hasn’t seen and be able to exploit that big play. So I took the 49ers in a very, very close ball game. 23-20 49ers prevail.”

Purdy has been fabulous after he replaced injured starter Jimmy Garoppolo in week 13. Purdy, the former Iowa State star, was the final pick of April’s draft. But he played like a seasoned vet in leading the 49ers to six straight wins.

Both played well last weekend in their playoff openers. But although Shannon Sharpe only gave the Cowboys quarterback a “slight” edge over the rookie, somehow seven seasons versus six starts seems like more of a significant advantage.