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Shaq Lawson Threatens To Fight Eli Apple for Disrespectful Damar Hamlin Tweet

by Sam Gillenwater
Buffalo LB Shaq Lawson
Bryan M. Bennett | Getty Images

After their AFC Divisional Round matchup, there’s been plenty of back and forth between the victorious Cincinnati Bengals and the eliminated Buffalo Bills. However, amongst all the trash talk, Bills linebacker Shaq Lawson says Bengal cornerback Eli Apple crossed a line with one of his tweets.

Amidst a back and forth on social media with Buffalo wide receiver Stefon Diggs, Apple referenced the recent phrase ‘Cancun on 3!’, which someone states when one team ends another’s season as they’re now off on vacation. However, Apple used the No. 3 and used the heart hands emoji which, to some, came across as a reference to Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who is still recovering after going into cardiac arrest during the first matchup between these teams back on January 2nd.

If that is truly what he was referencing, that’s very obviously something that would be out of bounds from the seventh-year corner out of Ohio State. Still, whether it was or not, Lawson responded in a way that let Apple know that his tweet was something he’d be willing to fight over.

While things can get heated on the field, especially in the postseason, the entire NFL world came together over the last month to support Hamlin in the fight for his life. If Apple was making a hint towards Hamlin in his tweet, you can naturally see why something that careless would have struck a nerve with Lawson and Buffalo.

Eli Apple, After Tone-Deaf Tweet, Continues Trolling Stefon Diggs, Josh Allen

Following the Bengals’ win over the Bills, Cincinnati’s Eli Apple sent out a tone-deaf tweet that seemingly trolled Damar Hamlin. Apple hasn’t stopped, though, continuing to troll Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen.

Stefon Diggs notably had trouble controlling his emotions during and after the loss. That included yelling at Josh Allen on the sideline.

So, Eli Apple took to Twitter to troll the pair by quote tweeting a video of the incident and suggesting that they need couple’s counseling.

This tweet wasn’t as bad as the first one that Eli Apple sent out, it still doesn’t feel necessary. The Bills, and specifically Stefon Digg, are clearly frustrated with how the season ended. However, it seems to have Apple completely delighted by it.