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Shocking new details emerge in Jackson Mahomes assault accusations

by Dustin Schutte
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(Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

New details have emerged in the assault allegations involving Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes. The alleged incident occurred in late February.

Jackson allegedly grabbed a woman by the throat and forcibly kissed her three times. He then reportedly attempted to bribe the woman by saying he could help her business (presumably because of his large social media following), per The New York Post.

The alleged incident happened at Aspens Restaurant and Lounge, a restaurant located in Kansas City. The victim is Aspen Vaughn, the restaurant owner.

Per the report, Jackson told Vaughn he needed to speak with her privately. When they went to her office, he closed the door. That’s when the alleged assault occurred.

“He then grabbed her by the throat, forcing her head back and kissed her and put his tongue in her mouth,” an affidavit states, released at the order of Johnson County District Judge Thomas Sunderland.

Vaughn also provided video surveillance of the alleged incident.

Jackson also allegedly shoved a 19-year-old waiter at the restaurant multiple times. The younger Mahomes was arrested earlier this month and charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery, and an additional count of misdemeanor battery.

He made $100,000 bond shortly after an appearance in court.

Jackson Mahomes maintains his innocence

The alleged assault involving Jackson occurred in February. Since reports surfaced, the younger Mahomes has maintained his innocence in the matter.

His attorney, Brandan Davies, released a statement in March on behalf of his client.

“Jackson has done nothing wrong,” the attorney said. “Our investigation has revealed substantial evidence refuting the claims of Jackson’s accuser including the statements of several witnesses.

“We have reached out to law enforcement to provide the fruit of our investigation so that they may have a complete picture of the matter.”

In an earlier interview with the Kansas City Star, Vaughn explained what allegedly unfolded that night.

“He forcibly kissed me out of nowhere, and I’m telling him, pushing him off saying ‘what are you doing,’” Vaughn said. “And then he proceeded to do it two more times where the last time I was pushing him off and I can see on the cameras that somebody was outside the office door and I was yelling for them to come help because he’s big and massive.”

The New York Post reported that Jackson is currently in the process of obtaining witnesses regarding the alleged assault.