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Snow in the Forecast for Multiple NFL Divisional Round Playoff Games

by Dustin Schutte
Highmark Stadium Snow Covered
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

If you’re a fan of snow games during the NFL playoffs, this weekend might be right up your alley. Forecasts indicate we could see snow in multiple locations for the Divisional Round.

Snow could potentially impact two NFL games this weekend, both in the AFC. Snow is in the forecast for Saturday’s game between the Jaguars and Chiefs in Kansas City.

On Sunday, the Bengals-Bills matchup in Buffalo could also be affected by snow. That could make these games even more interesting by the time the weekend rolls around.

Snow can be a great equalizer in football, although three of the four teams remaining on the AFC side are accustomed to the inclement weather. Jacksonville would be the outlier of the bunch.

The snowy conditions would add another element of intrigue to the two AFC Divisional Round games over the weekend. We’ll keep an eye on the weather and see if these two contests will be impacted by the elements.

Buffalo Bills Reward Local Hero with Super Bowl Tickets

While Buffalo awaits another potential snowstorm this weekend, the Bills organization took time to recognize a local hero, who saved the lives of 24 individuals during a Christmas Eve blizzard.

Jay Withey rescued and saved 24 individuals during a blizzard around the holidays. He had been inside his truck, which was stuck in the snow, before searching for shelter. Withey broke a window into a school, where he found heat, food and shelter.

After getting inside the building, Withey went out and rescued two dozen people from their vehicles, ushering them inside the school. His acts truly were heroic.

The Buffalo Bills wanted to do something special for Withey. What better way to thank him than buy gifting him free Super Bowl tickets?

Bills legend Thurman Thomas and his wife, Patti, presented the tickets to Withey in an emotional video.

“I can’t believe the reach-out I got,” Withey said in the video. “I got thank you letters from Australia — I can’t believe how far it got. It was wild.”