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St. Louis XFL Fans Chant ‘Kroenke Sucks’ at Rams Owner Who Moved NFL Team to Los Angeles

by Steve Samra
St. Louis Battlehawks
(Photo by Michael B. Thomas /Getty Images)

There’s an old saying about the memories of elephants, but perhaps that fits better with Rams as it pertains to St. Louis.

Football fans in St. Louis are still salty about Stan Kroenke, the owner of the now Los Angeles Rams, taking their beloved franchise and moving them out West. The love of football runs deep in the city, and many are still heartbroken at the fact that the NFL was taken away from them.

However, the XFL has brought the sport back in full force. St. Louis showed the world it was still a football hotbed during the first iteration in 2020, and now with their franchise — the Battlehawks — returning to play once again in 2023, they’re letting Kroenke know what he’s missing out on.

Check out the jilted St. Louis Battlehawks fans telling the billionaire how they feel. The Rams are gone, and their hate for Kroenke may outweigh their love for the Rams at the moment.

Kroenke may not like it. Heck, he may not care. But it’s pretty awesome to see a city rally behind the XFL like St. Louis has.

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Evidently, St. Louis has used the XFL as a showcase for why football should’ve remained in their neck of the woods.

Over recent seasons, the Rams — and Chargers, who also moved to Los Angeles — have been continually out-flanked by rival teams in Los Angeles. There’s seemingly no home-field advantage for either franchise. Well, that certainly wouldn’t be the case in St. Louis.

The fans catapulted the Battlehawks to a 24-11 victory over the Arlington Renegades over the weekend. Quarterback AJ McCarron — who Dwayne Johnson has stated represents everything the XFL means — passed for two touchdowns in the win.

As you can see, a St. Louis Battlehawks game looks like a grand old time. As long as you’re not Stan Kroenke. Cheers to football returning in a football-crazed city.