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Stephen A. Smith FaceTimes Shaquille O’Neal After Cowboys Playoff Loss

by Sam Gillenwater
ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, Shaquille O'Neal
David L. Nemec | NBAE via Getty Images - Rob Kim | Getty Images for Icy Hot

The day after the season ends for the Dallas Cowboys has become a sort of holiday for ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. He spends it laughing and celebrating, usually on air, the continuous shortcomings of what has been known to be his least favorite sports franchise.

However, considering the brutality of Dallas’ 19-12 loss to San Francisco in the NFC Divisional Round, his shenanigans began earlier than anticipated. They started on Sunday night after the loss with a typical video on Twitter where he cackled over the end of the Cowboy’s season. After that, he kept it going in a Facetime call to NBA Hall of Famer, and noted Cowboy fan, Shaquille O’Neal.

Smith’s victory lap is likely only getting started, though. With a long offseason ahead of the franchise, especially after their head-scratcher of a final play, his ‘celebration’ across his appearances on ESPN tomorrow morning will be must-see TV for everyone besides Cowboy fans.

WATCH: George Kittle’s Hilarious Postgame Interview Shenanigans Go Viral

George Kittle is just out here having fun. The quirky tight end gave one hell of a postgame interview following San Francisco’s win over Dallas in the NFC Divisional Round game on Sunday.

All Kittle had to do was blurt out a goofy giggle to send Twitter into a tizzy. It was a pretty fitting response from one of the most entertaining players in the league.

“You gonna go have fun now?” asked sideline reporter Erin Andrews. Kittle responded with a “hee hee, yes,” before scurrying away.

Talk about TV magic. It’s always fun to see players show a goofier side. Kittle has never had much of a problem with that.

Kittle finished Sunday’s game with five catches for 95 yards, including a long of 31. After the 19-12 win, the 49ers will take on the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.