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Texas Governor Roasts Dallas Cowboys Kicker Brett Maher After Blocked PAT

by Jonathan Howard
Brett Maher kicks against 49ers
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

The whole state of Texas is in pain as they watch the Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher. Even the governor had to chime in on something. Maher has a bit of the yips it would seem. Last week he missed four extra points, this week – he started with another.

Governor Greg Abbott was watching along with the rest of Dallas and Texas. It was looking like the Cowboys were going to get out to a good start and put up a touchdown on the San Francisco 49ers.

Now, you may not know this, but Governor Abbott is confined to a wheelchair. But, he thinks he might be a better option than Brett Maher at this point.

When all you see is missed kicks and despair, it’s nice to have a little bit of humor to get over it. Brett Maher definitely has not won over the Dallas fanbase so far tonight. In his defense, the kick was blocked, but it looked like it was going to shank left anyway. I guess we’ll never know.

Can Brett Maher Make An Extra Point?

It is hard to believe that Brett Maher can even make an extra point right now. After his performance last week, even his quarterback was begging to just go for two. Not to mention all of the folks watching at home who were screaming at their televisions.

Before the game even started, the 49ers made sure to get into Maher’s head a bit. San Francisco interrupted his warmups for a little bit as he was putting up kicks. He began to miss practice kicks while he was on the field, and then things got worse…

The last thing Brett Maher needed tonight, was a visit from Jerry Jones himself. Well, Jones went out and gave him a pep talk of some sort before the game. No pressure. Just the owner of the team, Jerry Freakin’ Jones, telling you to pull it together – go out there and do it.

I’ll be honest, I’m going to be rooting for Maher for the rest of this game. He needs all the help he can get.