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Tom Brady Indicated He’s Leaving Tampa Bay After Monday Night’s Game: Reports

by Steve Samra
Tom Brady
(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

The end could be near for Tom Brady. At least, the end of his time in Tampa Bay.

The past season was a challenging one for Brady and the Buccaneers. However, that doesn’t mean the quarterback thinks his goose is cooked. Per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Brady’s Buccaneers teammates believe he’ll at the least not be returning to their locker room next season.

“Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady plans to take his time making a decision on his future, aiming to look at his options with a clear mind,” wrote Rapoport. “Yet several players already have a feeling which direction he is leaning.

“Based on their final interactions with Brady, it felt to them as if Brady was leaving Tampa with no intention to return.”

According to Rapoport, multiple Buccaneers players believe the ship has sailed — no pun intended.

“I’d be surprised if he’s back,” one player told Rapoport, while another said, “He sounded like a person saying goodbye for good.”

Indisputably, Brady will lean on those closest to him as he makes his decision on the future. In the meantime, Rapoport isn’t expecting a decision in the coming weeks.

“Brady wants to head into his few weeks of decision-making time with an open mind,” added the NFL Network analyst. “He’ll attempt to spend time with his children, allow the emotions to hit him and consider his options.”

Still, Brady has a myriad of options, ranging from playing with the Buccaneers again, joining another team or taking his talents to the broadcast booth at FOX.

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At first, Brady and the Buccaneers were a perfect marriage. The shock of the legend leaving New England wore off once he started throwing the Lombardi Trophy across boats during Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl parade.

Another ring and a couple NFC South titles later, the time to move on has seemingly come. However, Brady isn’t willing to completely give up on his NFL career. Teams like the Las Vegas Raiders or Carolina Panthers could come beckoning.

Regardless, Tom Brady gave Tampa Bay a lifetime of memories. He delivered a Super Bowl like a hired mercenary. He’ll never have to buy a beer in the city again. All eyes will be on what’s next for the GOAT.