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Tom Brady’s ‘Thank You’ to the Tampa Media Has NFL Fans Speculating

by Jonathan Howard
Tom Brady after losing to Dallas in the playoffs
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

Did we just watch the end of Tom Brady’s NFL career? For real this time? His postgame comments have some fans speculating about his future. This is more or less the same position that he was in last season. But this time, he leaves the year with a losing record and bounced after just one playoff game.

The Dallas Cowboys made the Tampa Bay Buccaneers look like the 8-10 team they are. Tom Brady is no stranger to passing a lot. Perhaps having your 45-year-old quarterback pass the ball 66 times in a game isn’t the best game plan.

This is what the GOAT had to say after his team fell 31-14 at the hands of Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.

“We’re very grateful for everyone’s support and hopefully um… I love this organization it’s a great place to be,” he said. “And thank you everybody for welcoming me. All you regulars. I’m just very grateful for the respect and I hope I gave the same thing back to you guys.”

One fan online pointed out, “Sounds like when he had his final press conference with the Patriots.”

Of course, there were all kinds of jokes made as well. Tom Brady has had a ridiculously long career and over the last couple of seasons, some people think he’s outstayed his welcome in the league. If he can still throw for 300 yards, I have a feeling he’s suiting up.

NFL Fans Think Tom Brady is Leaving…at Least Tampa Bay

The fans online can’t decide if this is going to lead to an official retirement or if he is just going to move on from Tampa Bay. This season, he had to drag that team to the playoffs with virtually no run game to speak of.

Folks saw that press conference and out came the jokes.

So, if he does come back to the NFL, where will it be? It can’t possibly be Las Vegas, could it? Honestly, I don’t know if he would fit in. Then again, with all of the crypto and NFT stuff he’s got going on, Vegas might be the perfect place for Tom Brady.

We don’t know what Brady is going to do. Even last year when we thought he knew, he didn’t know. It is a case of Schrodinger’s GOAT. The football player is both retired and active until we see an official statement come out.

A brutal season ends with a brutal first-round loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Where will Tom Brady end up next season?