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Tony Romo Invents Nickname for Josh Allen During Bills vs. Dolphins AFC Wild Card Game

by Jonathan Howard
Josh Allen evades a Miami defender
(Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)

The Buffalo Bills are doing what they do to this depleted Miami Dolphins team. Josh Allen is rocking the passing game and punishing the defense. It’s like he can do no wrong. Clearly, Allen and the Bills are in playoff mode.

They went out to a quick lead. Josh Allen was connecting on all of his passes. He couldn’t be stopped. One connection that’s been reliable in the last month or so, is Dawson Knox. The tight end caught a touchdown pass for the fifth straight game today.

It was so nice that Tony Romo had to drop a new nickname for Allen.

“I mean nothing’s open, nothing’s open. Josh is rolling out and he’s like, nothing there, but the defender is not looking at him so he throws it right behind his ear hole [laughs] in the only spot that Knox could have caught it.

“This is why Josh Allen is Mr. January, he just starts to play perfect football and it’s so hard to beat Buffalo.”

Allen to Knox might be the pair that we hear about as the Bills win the Super Bowl later this year. The team does have a lot of work to do before they get there, but for right now, I think they’ll take Mr. January over anyone else in the NFL.

Josh Allen Starts a Fight, Walks Away

Later in the first half, the Bills were starting to drive down the field yet again on the Dolphins’ defense. However, this time, Josh Allen got a little too confident. He made a throw that was… ill-advised. Mr. January wasn’t so perfect all of a sudden as the Miami defense intercepted his pass.

After the INT, Allen got himself directly involved in the play again, making him an open target. However, his offensive line didn’t appreciate the pushing and shoving from Miami. So, they got involved and removed the player from Allen’s vicinity.

The best part of this whole thing, Josh Allen started a fight between both teams, and just walked away after five seconds. There was also a moment where Dion Dawkins took a Dolphins helmet and refused to give it back

That’s just what you do when you’re Mr. January. Start fights that others finish for you. Let’s see if he can finish this football game.