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Travis Kelce Recalls Jimmy Fallon Throwing His Putter Into a Pond During Golf Outing

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images

Travis Kelce, coming off his hilarious TV hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, had plenty of non-football fodder for his podcast with brother, Jason.

Kelce is the Kansas City Chief tight end who definitely is worthy of an acting side gig. He’s perfect at playing an over-the-top alpha male. Coincidentally, that’s his NFL on-field persona as well. He talked about his recent acting job, as well as his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, during the most recent New Heights podcast.

Fallon was definitely chat-worthy. And Travis Kelce said he’d previously met Fallon at a charity golf tournament. There were several blown putts, which led up to a hilarious toss.

“Funniest golf outing I think I’ve ever been in,” Kelce recalled. “It was absolutely hysterical. When we get to the 17th hole, we got one more left, we needed a putt, like a big-time putt, and I was probably about 4 feet away and I kicked it like a foot right of the pin. So it was atrocious.

“I hadn’t sunk a putt in probably 10 holes,” Kelce said. “I was talking to my putter after every single hole, ‘You’re stupid—you suck. You need to be better.’ And finally I kicked the last one right and Jimmy—just comes up to me and he says, ‘Let me see that’—he grabs it and just like—50 feet into a pond. So it was like, ‘Well, there goes my putter.’”

We hope the club wasn’t too expensive.

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce said his favorite SNL skit happened to be the first one he appeared in after his monologue. Sporting a blonde wig, while wearing a pale pink suit and coordinating bow tie, Kelce dined with two dolls at the American Girl Cafe.

With Jason and his parents in the audience, Kelce teased his older brother during the monologue. Then Jason was part of a skit.

In his podcast, Travis Kelce also revealed details on who he talked to before accepting the SNL job. He called Peyton Manning, who has appeared on the iconic show several times.

What was the old quarterback’s best tip? “Peyton Manning gave me one word of advice going into it, which was the best advice I could get, he was like, ‘Dude, just go all in. Just be open-minded… be on time…’”

Kelce also contacted former NBA star Charles Barkley, who also turned in a very funny performance as an SNL host. He said Barkley told him “make sure you wear drawers.”

Travis Kelce said the night didn’t end when the show finished. There was an afterparty. Then an after-after party. Once the sun rose, Kelce went to bed. Hosting may be more exhausting than playing in a game.