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Trevor Lawrence Goes Viral for Meme Following Epic Jags Comeback Win vs. Chargers

by Jonathan Howard
Trevor Lawrence celebrates playoff win
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

There aren’t many people who have had a better 24 hours than Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend. It was a big moment for not just the young NFL quarterback, but also the franchise. An organization and fanbase that are desperate for some hope.

When you win the game in historic fashion, then you get to gloat a little bit. Of course, being the young guy that he is, Trevor Lawrence was quick with the meme after the game. That first half didn’t go the way they imagined it would, but they never gave up.

Lawrence posted this classic meme from a high school football player’s post-game interview. A game where the team was down early and came back to win, just like the Jags on Saturday.

Putting together a comeback isn’t easy. Doing it after you threw four interceptions has to feel almost impossible. The Jaguars didn’t give up on their QB last season when everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

So, they didn’t give up on Saturday night, either. The Jags gathered together and the defense and offense were able to produce for the team.

After the comeback was complete, Trevor Lawrence celebrated accordingly.

Trevor Lawrence Strolls Into Late Night Waffle House

What does an NFL quarterback do after winning his first playoff game ever? Well, he heads to Waffle House, of course. Trevor Lawrence was spotted at the southern establishment. There is no doubt that an All-Star Special was ordered, and maybe even two, just for Lawrence.

He was seen walking into a Waffle House. And I’m not sure if this is true, but I think he posted this meme from the restaurant as well. Before he poured his syrup, he made sure to get this meme off for the timeline.

I’m not sure how great that food is for recovery, but whatever he needs. Trevor Lawrence is going to be a massive star in Jacksonville. Now, imagine if they go on and win another game…