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Trevor Lawrence Leaned on Message From Navy SEAL, Hilarious Comment in Jags’ Comeback Win vs. Chargers

by Nick Schultz
Trevor Lawrence
Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

It’s safe to say first half of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ playoff game against the Los Angeles Chargers didn’t go as planned for quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

The second-year quarterback threw four interceptions before halftime as the Jaguars headed to the locker room facing a 27-7 deficit. However, one of the offensive linemen had an interesting message for him on the sideline at one point.

“One of the linemen, I forget who it was, said to me after I threw three or four picks, he was like, ‘Good,'” Lawrence said. “I was like, ‘Alright. Not the time.'”

There’s a story behind that quote, though. Some time during the season — Lawrence couldn’t remember exactly when — coach Doug Pederson showed a video of Navy SEAL Jocko Willink talking about “good.” Willink hosts a podcast and in an episode, he talked about “good” and why people need to say it more, regardless of the situation.

That includes when something bad happened. One example he used was when a mission got canceled. His response? “Good. We can focus on another one.”

So, in the halftime locker room, Lawrence knew his mentality.

“Threw four picks in the first half? Good,” Lawrence said. “… That’s just always been our mindset.”

It certainly worked. Lawrence threw for three touchdowns — giving him four total because he threw for one just before halftime — to help Jacksonville pull off a comeback for the ages. All told, he threw for 244 yards and four touchdowns as the Jaguars won 31-30 thanks to a last-second field goal from Riley Patterson.

The victory advanced the Jaguars to the Divisional Round of the playoffs, where they’ll take on the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Trevor Lawrence celebrates Wild Card victory at Waffle House

That resulted in a celebration to remember. Lawrence and his family went to Waffle House after his wife managed to book a reservation — a rarity at the restaurant.

“They were like, well, if you give us a heads-up, we can clear people out of one area. We’ve got a spot saved,” a Waffle House employee told Lawrence’s wife.

Although Lawrence’s usual Waffle House order changes, he told reporters what he ordered after that win over the Chargers.

“That night I got the Texas bacon cheesesteak with hash browns with cheese and a pecan waffle,” Lawrence said. “Sometimes, I get the All-Star [breakfast].”