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Troy Aikman raves about Philadelphia Eagles 2023 draft haul, outlook

by Steve Samra
Troy Aikman | Jalen Hurts
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Consider Troy Aikman a believer in the Philadelphia Eagles moving forward.

It may hurt the ears of Dallas Cowboys faithful, but Aikman has nothing but praise for his former NFC East rival. Joining the crew on ESPN’s Get Up on Thursday, Aikman explained why he’s so damn impressed with Philadelphia, and how the Eagles can get back to the Super Bowl.

“Oh, absolutely,” Aikman responded, asked whether the Eagles have a chance to make another Super Bowl run next season. “I love what the Eagles have done. Howie Roseman’s been amazing. I mean, he really has. For a number of years.

“What he was able to pull off this year in the draft, I just feel like there’s no real weaknesses on that team.”

Continuing, Aikman elaborated on the growth of Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. Watching him improve has been remarkable, and it’s something that’s won Aikman over.

“I was impressed, we had them against Tampa Bay following the ’21 season, and knew that they had a ways to go at that point. The work that Jalen Hurts put in last offseason, when we had them the second week of the year, it was obvious how much time he had spent. So I’m a big fan of his,” added Aikman. “I like the Philadelphia Eagles. They’re certainly the team to beat. They should be. They’re the defending champs within the division. They won the conference. Of course, they were disappointed in the Super Bowl, but they’re going to be a really good team once again this year.

“But every year is a little bit different, as we know. You’ve got to go back and do it all over again. But they’re as talented as any team in the league, that’s for sure.”

Troy Aikman on Jalen Hurts: ‘He’ll continue to improve’

Moreover, while Hurts had a phenomenal season in 2022, Aikman believes it may only be the beginning for the Eagles quarterback.

“Well, he’ll continue to work,” explained Aikman, when asked how Hurts can improve. “It was obvious from what he did last offseason, and he’ll continue to do that. I think the key for him, and the key for the Eagles is him staying healthy. Trying to protect him. Obviously what he does running the football is pretty masterful. But protect himself, not have the hits that maybe he took a year ago.

“He’ll continue to improve, just through the natural progression of another year underneath his belt. I’m a big fan of Jalen’s and what he’s been able to do.”

Time will tell if Aikman’s Cowboys can keep pace with the Eagles. But it’s obvious that going into the 2023 NFL season, it’s Philadelphia the rest of the NFL is chasing.