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US Track Star Impressed By NFL Star Tyreek Hill Winning Meet, But Fires Warning Shot

by Sam Gillenwater
Christian Coleman, Tyreek Hill
Jamie Squire & Michael Owens | Getty Images

Tyreek Hill is explicitly known as ‘Cheetah’ around the NFL for a reason. The 29-year-old speedster receiver for the Miami Dolphins took his reputation to the next level this weekend with his 6.70 run in the 60m at the USA Track Masters Indoor Championship.

U.S. runner Christian Coleman did give credit to Hill for actually running and for an ‘impressive’ attempt during an interview on the TMZ Sports TV Show. However, compared to a real track star, he says racing against competitors he likely knew he could beat took away from the performance.

“In my opinion, it was impressive. Major respect for getting out there and actually running,” said Christian Coleman said. “I would say, for a season opener, 6.70? I don’t know when’s the last time he actually ran. So it’s pretty impressive to me.”

“(But) he knew what he was going to a masters event,” added Coleman. “(He’s) not going up against real pros who might have a chance to beat him.”

Christian Coleman is the event’s fastest runner ever as he finished the 60m with a time of 6.34 seconds. That’s why, with Tyreek Hill trying his hand on the track, Coleman eventually wants to truly test his speed. He expressed confidence in the fact that he’d win and that he’d be game for any race at any time for a charitable cause.

“I don’t think he’d ever be able to beat me,” stated Coleman.

“I would be up for the race. If I was him, I wouldn’t take the race,” Coleman said. “I would love to maybe set something up. If we could do something for charity, I would be down for the race. I would do any distance. We can go 10 meters, 40 yards, 60 meters, 100, 200. I like my odds.”

Well, Tyreek Hill? Coleman just threw down the gauntlet. We know what your speed looks like on the football field, but is it time for you to really assess it against one of the best of the best?