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Video Shows Ravens DB Marcus Peters Appearing To Punch Bengals’ Joe Mixon

by Dustin Schutte
Marcus Peters Ja'Marr Chase
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

You often hear about some of the ugly things that unfold on the bottom of a pile in a football game. But cameras actually captured Ravens defensive back Marcus Peters punching Bengals running back Joe Mixon during Sunday’s AFC Wild Card game.

After the Baltimore defense brought Mixon to the ground, Peters appears to punch Mixon in the stomach. You can tell that the running back wasn’t too pleased, immediately getting up and trying to get into the face of Peters.

That’s not a good look for Peters, especially with cameras capturing the moment. But there likely won’t be any serious consequences for the Ravens defensive back from the league.

One of Mixon’s Bengals teammates, Ja’Marr Chase, was asked about the incident. He let his feelings be known pretty clearly.

“Listen, I have nothing to say about that dude. Nothing,” Chase said, per Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic.

After seeing Peters’ strike Mixon in the stomach, can anyone blame Chase? The Bengals did get the last laugh, defeating the Ravens

Does Marcus Peters’ Punch Add to Joe Mixon’s Frustration?

There’s no question Joe Mixon didn’t take kindly to getting punched in the stomach by Marcus Peters on Sunday. Who would? But what might be even more interesting is how the NFL handles the situation.

Just a few weeks ago, the league slapped Mixon with a fine for a coin-flip celebration in Week 18 of the regular season. The running back’s mockery of the league came in response to the potential determination of home-field advantage in the AFC Wild Card round.

The NFL determined that, if the Ravens defeated the Bengals in Week 18, a coin flip would determine home-field advantage. The difference in number of completed games forced the league to make that call.

But Mixon didn’t like the decision. So, in Week 18, he mocked the league after scoring a touchdown.

The NFL fined Mixon $13,261 for his actions on the field. If the league doesn’t hit Peters with some sort of fine for punching the running back Sunday … Mixon might have something else to say.