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WATCH: Vince Wilfork Gets Asked Incredibly Uncomfortable Question About Ex-Wife on Dan Le Batard Show

by Dustin Schutte
Vince Wilfork Patriots HOF
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

If Snickers ever wants to use a real-life example of an awkward moment for the old, “Not going anywhere for a while?” advertisements, the Dan Le Batard Show is a great place to start. A conversation between the show’s host and former NFL star Vince Wilfork got very uncomfortable in a discussion about marriage.

Dan Le Batard asked Wilfork a question about his wife during the show. That’s really not that awkward, right? But it created a little bit of discomfort when Wilfork said that he and ex-wife, Bianca Farinas, went through a divorce.

Wilfork handled the conversation with true professionalism and grace. Below is the clip, which kind of makes you want to cringe:

Honestly, Wilfork couldn’t have handled it any better. And it was pretty clear that Le Batard felt awful after realizing his mistake. The former NFL star wanted to smooth over the situation, but the host did everything except face-palm.

Wilfork is a Florida native and played college football at the University of Miami. The Dan Le Batard Show is a Miami-based show.

The Dan Le Batard Show is well known for its quirkiness, and unique conversations in the world of sports. This one with Wilfork certainly fit the bill.

Staying on the Topic of Awkward in the NFL …

So, there aren’t many things in the NFL world that compare to the awkwardness during Vince Wilfork’s appearance on the Dan Le Batard Show. However, a cameraman in Green Bay on Sunday did get shooed away by Aaron Rodgers.

Following Green Bay’s loss to Detroit on Sunday night, a cameraman attempted to capture a personal moment between Rodgers and teammate Randall Cobb. The four-time league MVP didn’t appreciate it.

Rodgers pushed the cameraman out of the way on his way to the locker room.

There’s been a lot of speculation about Rodgers’ future in the NFL. Did he play his last career game in the league? Is he done with the Packers? Or will he return to Green Bay next year?

So many questions.

While Rodgers may not have the answer right now, it’s pretty clear that he wanted to share that Sunday moment with Cobb — in the event that it’s the last time the two play together.