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Washington Commanders Informing Offensive Coordinator Candidates Sam Howell Is Starting QB For 2023

by Jonathan Howard
Washington Commanders helmet
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

So, the 2023 season is already coming together for the Washington Commanders. That’s…good I guess, but the quarterback news isn’t great. According to reports, the NFL team is reaching out to offensive coordinators stating Sam Howell will lead the offense next season.

This year, the Washington Commanders pretty much went through the entire quarterback depth chart. Many teams had issues keeping passers healthy on the field. There is no doubt this season was a disappointment, but they were still on the cusp of the playoffs.

Heading into the next season, fans want improvements that will get them to the postseason this time next year. Sam Howell does not really instill a lot of faith if you ask me. But that’s the word from Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports. The fifth-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft is going to be thrust into a starting role for the new season.

During all three of his collegiate seasons as a starter, Howell did impress. The former North Carolina Tar Heel was able to throw for more than 3,000 yards in each of his three seasons. In his first year as a starter, he threw for 3,641 yards. He threw for a total of 92 touchdowns in his career.

But, does that translate at all to the next level? Howell did start one game this season for the Washington Commanders. He ended up winning in that 26-6 upset over the Dallas Cowboys to end the season.

What Happens With Washington Commanders Now?

If we were to just say that a quarterback is the biggest problem for the Washington Commanders, we’d be lying. Let’s not forget that the owner of the team is being pressured to sell, there are multiple investigations into the organization and more bad press.

Sam Howell might be able to step in and help this team win. However, there is a lot of time between now and next season. Getting to that first game of the year will be the biggest challenge. First, the team will have to survive all of these negative stories swirling around.

What are the chances that the Washington Commanders stay away from further controversy in the next 8 months or so? It feels like there is a bomb ready to blow and it just keeps ticking away as the rest of us watch.

But Sam Howell is going to turn it all around.