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WATCH: 49ers Take Issue With Cowboys Kicker Brett Maher’s Pregame Warmup

by Jonathan Howard
Brett Maher after missing an extra point
(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Tonight’s NFC Divisional game between the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys might be chippy. Kicker Brett Maher ruffled some feathers early. While most folks will remember Maher from his four missed extra points last week – he’s still got a job to do.

Warmups are taking place in San Francisco. Both the kicking unit for the 49ers and the Cowboys were out on the field at the same time. The San Fran players didn’t like that Brett Maher was warming up at the same time. Things started to get a little intense.

After players and coaches got in the way of Maher’s practice kicks, they backed off and he resumed. All eyes will be on Maher to see if he misses any more kicks during the game.

There is a lot riding on the line in this game. So, you can understand that these two teams might not get along at the moment. You throw in the fact that the 49ers and Cowboys have had their fair share of battles over the years, and it adds some historical meaning.

I don’t know if this is the Niners just trying to get into Brett Maher’s head or what. I know that we might see the game come down to his foot, and I’m not sure that’s something that Cowboys fans want to consider ahead of tonight’s kickoff.

Brett Maher Can’t Choke Tonight

If the Dallas Cowboys want to realize their potential and not waste another year of a great defense and solid offense – they need to win. To win, they’re going to need Brett Maher to make kicks. They aren’t even asking him to make 60-yard field goals. Just the extra points.

It is such a story that many reporters at the stadium are keeping tallies of how many kicks he makes and misses in warmups. Word is that Jerry Jones himself came out onto the field to give him a pep talk. Or perhaps an idle threat if this game is lost because of a bad kicker. Bad kickers don’t get resigned usually.

The good thing, and the bad thing, with kickers, is their mentality. When a guy is confident and hits his kicks, there is little you can do to stop him. But when he’s starting to miss and doubt seeps into his mind…that’s when we see things go off the rails. What will it be for Brett Maher and the Cowboys tonight?