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WATCH: Bengals Fan Smokes a Cigar In the Stadium After Knocking the Ravens Out of the Playoffs

by Jonathan Howard
Bengals fans cheer during playoff game
(Photo by Jeff Moreland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Cincinnati Bengals are on their way to the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Fans were more than happy to celebrate afterward. Folks at Paycor Stadium were doing their best Joe Burrow impressions as they smoked cigars in the stands.

While Sunday night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens wasn’t ideal, the Bengals got the job done. When it comes to playoff football, that’s really all that matters. No Lamar Jackson, but this one still came down to a touchdown.

In the cold Cincy weather, you could see the smoke rise from the stands. This fan was spotted and put on TV as the broadcast was wrapping up last night.

For right now, the Bengals are on track to make the Super Bowl again. One win at a time. However, we all know that it isn’t that simple. This team is going to have to pick up the play if they want to advance further.

Tyler Huntley gave the Bengals’ defense a little too much stress for my liking. What happens when they have to play against Josh Allen and the Bills?

Bengals, Bills Prepare For Divisional Round Battle

If you’re a Bengals fan, then you can at least look at what the Bills did against the Dolphins, and feel alright. Neither team showed that they have strong defenses. While Cincinnati did get some key defensive plays, they also gave up some stuff that made their game much closer than it need to be.

However, let’s not forget the Bills let Miami back into the game after a 17-0 start. It really looked like we were going to see a repeat of the Chargers’ collapse from Saturday night. The AFC matchup is going to be a 3:00 PM EST kickoff next Sunday.

Fans should stock up on cigars and get ready. The Bengals only see one result as a success. Winning. Getting those wins and moving one step closer to the Super Bowl. Joe Burrow and company will pull out the stogies when the time is right.