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WATCH: Bettor Falls Asleep at Halftime of Jags vs. Chargers, Wakes Up Sees Big Bet Wins

by Daniel Morrison
Chargers vs Jags
Courtney Culbreath / Stringer PhotoG/Getty

The Jacksonville Jaguars fell behind the Los Angeles Chargers 27-0 in their first home playoff game since 2017. Even with a touchdown before the half, the Jags looked like they were done for. So, plenty of people went to bed at halftime.

One of those people was a Jags bettor, who fell asleep at halftime, figuring he lost a fairly large bet. Then, his friends woke him up to let him know that he actually won the bet.

You can watch his reaction, here:

According to the caption to the video on Twitter, the bettor who fell asleep had placed a $1,200 bet on the Jags +2.5 points. So, he won his bet whether or not Jacksonville made its final kick to win the game outright.

His friends waited for the game to be over and for Jacksonville to have won to wake him up. Once they did and he realized what had happened, the bettor lost his mind. Like a child on Christmas Day, he starts laughing and shaking almost uncontrollably.

One thing is certain, for this bettor and the entire AFC, it was, in fact, always the Jags.

Mattress Mack Places Another Huge Bet

Mattress Mack has become known for placing huge bets on sporting events. Recently, that included betting $3 million on TCU to beat Georgia in the national championship game. That didn’t work out as well as his bets on the Houston Astros to win the World Series, which netted $75 million in total payouts.

Now, Mattress Mack is getting in on betting on the NFL playoffs.

Mattress Mack bet $2 million on the Cowboys to beat the 49ers this weekend. It will be interesting to see if he manages to win this time, or loses like he did betting $4.5 million on the Bengals to beat the Rams last year.