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WATCH: Cameraman Makes Incredible One-Handed Catch at Bills-Bengals Game

by Jonathan Howard
Snowy Highmark Stadium filled with fans
(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

You never know when someone not in a uniform will make a play on an NFL field. During Bills-Bengals, it was a cameraman that impressed with a catch. Not just any kind of catch, a one-handed catch. And he doesn’t even wear receiver gloves.

Joe Burrow threw a pass out of the back of the end zone. Business decision. It happens. Before the ball could fall to the snowy, wet ground a hero emerged. A random cameraman stopped the ball with a one-handed catch and the crowd went wild in Buffalo.

At least, the group of fans in front of him did. The best part, he didn’t drop the ball or his camera. I think we got a football guy here.

Now, this game hasn’t been lacking exciting plays. Despite the snow, both Joe Burrow and Josh Allen are taking chances and throwing some deep passes. Their talented receivers are doing their best to hang on to them, too.

This cameraman proved that you don’t have to have two hands to catch a ball. You don’t need gloves. Hell, he didn’t even need a helmet or cool visor. He just reached out and grabbed that ball.

Now go out there and reach your dreams… or something like that.

Cameraman’s Catch Better Than Reporter’s Fate

Also during the AFC Divisional Round game, the Bills had an end zone encounter with the media. There are so many people standing on the sidelines, especially on both ends of the field. The cameraman made his catch, but this sideline reporter got taken out.

Stefon Diggs was going up for a catch, was given a shove by the Bengals defender to make sure the receiver landed out of bounds, and slid right into a reporter. The slippery surface of the field definitely didn’t help Diggs stop himself in time to avoid the collision.

The Bills player made sure to check on the reporter. However, he was injured on the play as a result of it. Nothing malicious about it, just something that happens in football.

We’ll see if the Bills can bounce back from their touchdown deficit against the Bengals. Right now Joey Brrrr looks pretty comfortable in all that snow.