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WATCH: Dak Prescott Missed Wide Open Touchdown, Gets Hammered by Dan Orlovsky

by Daniel Morrison
Dak Prescott
Lachlan Cunningham / Stringer PhotoG/Getty

The Dallas Cowboys lost in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs following a shaky performance from the offense, led by Dak Prescott.

During an appearance on Get Up, ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky hammered Prescott. He broke down one play that he feels encapsulated the entire season for Prescott and the Cowboys. On the play, Prescott misread the defense and forced the ball to CeeDee Lamb when he could have had a touchdown had he thrown to TY Hilton.

You can watch Dan Orlovsky rip into Dak Prescott, here:

Dan Orlovky broke down the play. He pointed out that San Francisco likes to try and hide where pressure is going to be coming from. This forced Dallas to get its blocking scheme wrong.

That disguised pressure scheme left a gap uncovered on the field. Hilton was filling that space by running a seam route. The 49ers linebackers turned their backs but Hilton was open for a potential touchdown. Instead, Dak Prescott threw to Lamb, who was well covered.

“The reality is this, I’ve talked about it all year with Dak, that play embodies everything,” Orlovsky said. “How did we not see that? Why did you not throw that football? And what made you force it to CeeDee Lamb? That’s a touchdown and we’re having a very different conversation today if he throws it to TY Hilton.”

Cowboys Twitter Account Throws Dak Prescott Under the Bus

After the loss, the Dallas Cowboys’ Twitter account threw quarterback Dak Prescott under the bus for the loss, pointing out his turnovers.

The Cowboys’ Twitter account tweeted out a picture of Prescott with the caption, “Dak Prescott gave away the ball twice in the narrow loss to the 49ers, in a matchup the Cowboys had a chance to win if they didn’t again generate self-inflicted wounds.”

It certainly seems like the account was pointing out Prescott’s mistakes and implying that those are why Dallas wasn’t able to win the game. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they’re wrong.