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WATCH: Damar Hamlin Sends Emotional Thank You to the Bills, Fans, NFL

by Jonathan Howard
Damar Hamlin pumps up the crowd
(Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images)

Not even a full month after collapsing on the field during Monday Night Football, Damar Hamlin has a message for NFL fans. The Buffalo Bills safety has been through more this month than most people go through in years. It’s amazing he is even able to make this video.

There was a time when none of us knew if Damar Hamlin was going to be okay. Once it was clear he would survive the incident, what about the long-term effects? Cardiac arrest can do so much damage.

Just over three weeks later, Hamlin has put out a thank you message that is almost six minutes long with the help of the Bills. Who would have thought he would be at this point in his recovery already?

Listen to the special message below.

During his message, Damar Hmalin thanked the medical staff that saved his life. Both on the field and at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He thanked all of the fans for their support. Especially Bills Mafia. The NFL player also thanked those that donated money and extended their hands to help him with his charitable ventures.

There are so many that he had to thank and a lot of reasons why he had to be thankful. Seeing Damar make this video should make everyone feel good inside. This is not a moment that was guaranteed. In fact, it felt like a long shot just weeks ago.

Now, look. Whatever Damar Hamlin has going on next, I can’t wait to see it. Like he said, he was meant to make it through this ordeal for a reason. He’ll find that reason soon enough.

Damar Hamlin Inspires Eagles Running Back

While his Buffalo Bills aren’t in the playoffs anymore, Damar Hamlin still has friends in the running for a Super Bowl. That includes high school friend Miles Sanders. Sanders is a running back for the Philadelphia Eagles and the two go way back to their Pittsburgh upbringings.

Ahead of the NFC Championship game with the San Francisco 49ers, Sanders will rock some custom cleats. He will likely just wear these for practice, but they still look great. They feature a quote from Hamlin as well as his image and number on both shoes.

Damar Hamlin has inspired so many over the last month. He is going to keep inspiring folks, too.

This video was great to see. There are a lot of crazy things being said about Damar Hamlin and the Bills. But the only thing that matters is that he’s on the road to recovery right now. One step at a time.