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WATCH: Daniel Jones Hit So Hard His Contact Lens Dislodges and Sticks to His Facemask

by Jonathan Howard
Daniel Jones plays against Eagles
(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

These NFL Playoffs are rough. You get busted up. Daniel Jones even lost his contact lens as the Giants faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles. The quarterback found himself with some grass in his helmet and his lens not in his eye.

It might be a long night for Daniel Jones if his team can’t put points on the board. But it will be even harder if he isn’t able to see. Also, let’s talk about getting hit hard enough to have your eye contact fall out…yeah…not fun.

Luckily, the lens landed right on his facemask and he was able to recover it.

In the early going, Daniel Jones was taken down twice behind the line. They couldn’t produce much offense, only getting a handful of first downs in the first half. It also didn’t help that Jones threw an interception as well.

This game is set up to be ugly if the Giants aren’t able to do something soon. Philly is clicking on all cylinders and showing no signs of weakness.

Daniel Jones Struggling Against Eagles in First Half

While there is a whole second half to play, things do not look great for the New York Giants. Down 28-0 heading into the second half is no way to win a playoff game. Jalen Hurts has been almost perfect. When this team plays like this, it’s hard to do anything about it.

However, there is a little something to be desired from the Giants. Saquon Barkley has been ineffective, to say the least. Four rushes for just seven yards. So, what is the answer here? I’m not quite sure there is much else that the Giants can do.

The comeback, if possible, starts with defense. While that might be too far gone at this point, it is still true. Perhaps we will see an improbable moment here, but I doubt this ends any other way than with a win for the Eagles.