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WATCH: Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni Destroys Official That Warns Him

by Jonathan Howard
Nick Sirianni talks to official
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles are in full control in their NFL Divisional Round matchup. That won’t stop Nick Sirianni from yelling at officials. The head coach was fired up even with the huge lead. After a warning from an official, he let them know how he really felt.

The New York Giants just can’t compete with the Eagles tonight. Saturday has been all Philly. After putting up their fourth touchdown of the night, Philly’s coach Nick Sirianni got a warning.

His answer to that warning was to tell the official “I know what the f**k I’m doing.” Then something that was unclear afterward.

This Eagles offense and defense are giving the Giants fits. Nick Sirianni has put together a great game plan and his team is following through. It doesn’t hurt to have Jalen Hurts dishing the ball out through the air and on his feet.

This has been a game where Hurts has dominated. He’s got two passes for a touchdown as well as one he carried in on his own two feet. Daniel Jones and company can’t keep up.

Nick Sirianni, Eagles Look to Win Big Over Giants

When you’re on pace to put up 56 points in a game, you’re likely to win. It helps when the other team can’t score. Nick Sirianni has a lot to be happy about, even if the referees are giving him some flack, he doesn’t care. He’s got a four-touchdown lead and he’s not looking back.

An underrated aspect of this Eagles offense has to be the play of Miles Sanders. The running back has given Philly some great production and opened up passing lanes and more for the rest of the offense.

If this result holds on and the Eagles don’t collapse completely, then the conference championship game is right around the corner. They have looked like the best team in the league all season, will they be the ones to lift the Lombardi Trophy?