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WATCH: Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Wipes Out Sideline Security on Brutal Late Hit Against 49ers

by Dustin Schutte
jalen hurts celebrates td
(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

When you’re on sideline security detail during an NFL game, you’ve got to keep your head on a swivel. One security member learned that lesson the hard way during Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, getting wiped out by Jalen Hurts after a late hit.

In the third quarter, Hurts scrambled and picked up 14 yards before stepping out of bounds at the San Francisco 7-yard line. Then, 49ers safety Talanoa Hufanga pushed the Eagles quarterback, sending him flying across the sideline.

Hurts couldn’t stop and took out the legs of the security guard. Thankfully, everyone was alright after the hard collision.

You’ve got to be ready for anything on the field, even if you’re not wearing a helmet and shoulder pads. Although, that security member might request some pads for the next game.

Two plays after the late hit, Hurts scored on a 1-yard touchdown run to give Philadelphia a commanding 28-7 lead over San Francisco.

Absolutely Nothing Going Right for San Francisco

The San Francisco 49ers had an outstanding season and a strong playoff run, considering the circumstances. They reached the NFC Championship Game with third-string quarterback Brock Purdy, an impressive feat.

But luck ran out at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Sunday. Well, at least the good luck. Purdy suffered an injury early in the NFC Championship Game, forcing Josh Johnson into action.

Later in the game, Johnson suffered an apparent head injury and had to be taken to the locker room. That put Christian McCaffrey as the next in line to start taking snaps. In other words, the Niners were onto their fifth-string quarterback.

It got so bad that San Francisco legend Steve Young commented on the situation. He was ready to return to the field, if necessary.

“Warming up in the parking lot, let me know,” Young tweeted following the injuries.

Hey, if Tom Brady’s still throwing it all over the yard, why can’t Young? His return might’ve actually helped the 49ers offense on Sunday.