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WATCH: Eli Apple Does Ridiculous Sideline Celebration After Interception

by Jonathan Howard
Eli Apple confronts Bills
(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

Last season, people talked a lot of crap about Eli Apple. Well, now we have a new reason to laugh, and it has nothing to do with his play. Actually, Apple was able to pretty much end the Bills hopes of making a comeback against the Bengals in this NFL divisional game.

In the fourth quarter, it was Eli Apple’s teammate Cam Taylor that was intercepting a Josh Allen pass. It gave Cincy the ball back with just under 5 minutes to go. There’s a lot that goes on that fans don’t usually see.

While I can applaud the effort on the field, I’m not so sure about Apple’s celebration here. What do you even call this? It’s a mix of dancing, pretending to spank someone, and some other stuff I don’t know about. I’m not sure this is going to catch on.

Eli Apple wasn’t the one who snagged the interception, but he was happy about it. The Bengals had a lot of reasons to celebrate. Personally, for Apple, it was about his five tackles on the day. He was able to be productive and limit this Bills offense throughout the afternoon.

It was a snowy day and a game that just went Cincinnati’s way for four quarters.

Eli Apple, Bengals Moving On to AFC Championship Game

Next week is another game for the Cincinnati Bengals and Eli Apple. It’s a big one, too. The AFC Championship game is going to be a matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs in KC. Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow are going to put on a show for NFL fans.

The only thing is, I think folks wanted a little more out of this Divisional Round than we got in the end. Now, the Cowboys and 49ers might make this different. However, only one game in this round has been within a touchdown by the time the clock hits 0:00, with the Chiefs winning 27-20 over the Jaguars.

Otherwise, we have seen a 38-7 game by the Eagles and Giants and this 27-10 win for Eli Apple and company. What has been your favorite game of this round so far Outsiders?